Sunday, May 8, 2011

Find Your Way to the Healthy Road Ahead

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How do you find your way to the Healthy Road Ahead?

How do you get to the point of controlling or getting rid of pain?  How do find the right tools and  keys to improve your fitness, manage your stress and eat abundantly nutritious foods?  How do you find the Healthy Road Ahead?  Will you know the Healthy Road when you get to it?  Is it straight, windy, narrow or wide?  Is there only one Healthy Road?
First, you have to decide if you want to find the Healthy Road.  If you do, read more and, with later entries, you can learn what to do and how to do it.
Western Sierra Nevada, Hwy 49

Genetic Design and Healthy by Design

The concept of Healthy by Design is straight forward and can be briefly explained.  All of the inheritable traits we humans share, known as the human genome, were shaped by environmental circumstances that occurred over 100,000 generations.  Over the past 500 generations, (about 10,000 years) we have adopted some dietary practices that are not a very good fit for our genetic make-up.  Over the past several generations, these deviations have accelerated.  Plus we have adopted activity levels and other behaviors that are not in keeping with our genetic heritage.

Our genome has not had sufficient time to adapt to these diet and behavior changes.  For optimum health, we need to pay close attention to living in harmony with our genetic design.  If we live more closely with our genetic design, we can be Healthy by Design.

Road to Valle de Guadalupe, from the Carretera Transpeninsular

This does not mean we have to adopt the exact lifestyle and dietary practices of our ancestors of 100,000 or even 15,000 years ago.  It means that if we choose wisely from available, modern resources, activities and behaviors that are in harmony with our genome, we can be Healthy by Design. 

Most of the patients I see are in pain, often due to injury or lifestyle choices.  Although Healthy by Design deals with broad health concerns, my clinical focus uses chiropractic treatment, exercise, anti-inflammatory diet and stress management to alleviate pain and restore health.

My approach integrates these treatments in a way that is based on and in harmony with our genetic design.

Standards, Not Rules

Restoring and maintaining good health is not tied to a single set of rules or points to follow blindly.  It is not a single product, a secret only I have, a special chant or a super-nutrient that you have to buy through multi-level marketing.  It is simply based on standards that are in concert and harmony with the design of the human body.  

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