Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hermosa Beach Open- Volleyball Injury Care

The world of professional beach volleyball players requires athletes be in top shape.  (Try running and jumping in beach sand and see how long you last). Demanding practice and tournament schedules often lead to playing with pain and injuries.  When players are involved in tournament play, there is usually little time between matches.  Injuries that might interfere with moving up the ladder towards victory demand immediate attention. 

Kill shot by Nicole Branagh, former US Olympian
This weekend I had the pleasure of working with the medical staff at the Hermosa Beach Open.  The medical team is made up of chiropractic doctors, medical physicians, physical therapists, athletic trainers and massage therapists. Most of the athletes are old hands when it comes to injuries. They know intense tournament play can aggravate pre-existing problems, which need immediate attention.  Some seek treatment not for having significant pain but because they find no improvenet it improves their ability to compete and win.

Medical team members are on hand to offer examinations, treatment and advice for self-care. 

The accompanying pictures show medical team members administering treatment.

Professional athletes and amateurs alike suffer injuries and pain. Professionals have the desire, resources and opportunity to get what ails them identified and corrected as soon as possible.  Members of the general public may not be as fortunate but can learn an important lesson: don’t ignore symptoms, especially those that interfere daily life and activities.

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